Steps to Activate Xfinity Mobile Phone in 3 Easy Ways

Enjoy Nation’s best network Xfinity on your new phone on Xfinity Mobile. Here is the complete guide as to how you can activate your new Xfinity Mobile on the authorized page,

Learn to Activate New Xfinity Mobile via

Haven’t got Xfinity ID to sign in and complete the activation process, no need to worry just sign up and get the access to your Xfinity login credentials. Let’s learn in depth about the nation’s best network Xfinity.

Access your Device:

First you need to sign in to your device to get access to your device. And the moment, you have purchased the device it’s now time to Unbox it. 

Unboxing of Device:

Check if you have received all the items inside your device or not for that you first need to unbox your device. Things to see while unboxing of it are Xfinity Mobile SIM card, The Phone, Charger etc. These accessories must be in the same order as stated above and one more important thing is that Phone should be in Switched off Mode. First thing to do with a Mobile Phone is to insert a SIM Card in a switched off mode only.

Insert Mobile SIM Card:

Now after unboxing the device you need to organize the accessories and get all the required things to activate your device. Now insert the SIM Card. To insert a SIM Card in a Mobile Phone is an easy task.

People who want to keep their current phone as well. In that case, current phones can also be used for the Xfinity Mobile SIM Card for chatting, texting, calling, browsing the Internet, and more. This process can be done by inserting the Xfinity Mobile SIM Card into your phone and Ejecting the current Mobile SIM card from it.

Activate via The Authentic Activation Page:

Get another smartphone or any other device having an internet connection, visit the authentic activation page

Now put your login credentials like ID and Password. Once you have entered the login credentials, click on the “Sign In” option. If you wish to “Stay Signed in” click on the correspondence checkbox before you click the “Sign In” button.

Once the login process is over, if you wish to transfer your current phone number, for that you will require details like account credentials. Without Account number and PIN you won’t be able to transfer the current phone number. If you don’t have all these details, get it from your past bills.

In case you want a new number, click on the “I Want A New Number” option. The moment it will activate, Xfinity will provide you a new number.


I presume that you must have followed the above steps properly, so accordingly you can now click on the “Activate” option to finish. After that a confirmation email will be sent to your mail ID, in case you’ve asked for a new number you must have got it on your Email ID.

Hurray! The steps to activate in your device are over. The phone is in a position to Work after getting it in Switched ON mode. Now you are ready to enjoy the fastest 4G AND 5G LTE network.

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