Unique Ways to Cancel Netflix Account :

Who doesn’t love Netflix as it is a great time pass for anyone who wishes to spend some leisure time entertaining themselves, However at times you may require to cancel your Netflix Account. So here is an authentic way to cancel Netflix Subscription any time using your own device like laptop, desktop, smartphone via Netflix app or through its official website netflix.com/cancelplan just follow the instructions underneath till end.

Learn to Cancel Netflix Subscription:

  • First of all either open your Netflix App which has already been installed on your devices or login via website netflix.com , then choose the profile option, at the very moment the same will appear on the right side of your Netflix App or website netflix.com.
  • Secondly, select the “Account” option.
  • Lastly, scroll down your cursor, once you have come below look for Cancel Membership Option. Press that particular option and you will observe that Netflix has taken you to the “Cancel Plan” page.
    • To get your plan canceled just click on the “Finish Cancellation” once again to complete your cancelation process.
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Note: If you have made the monthly subscription then no need to worry Netflix will automatically cancel your plan once the one month tenure gets over. It will not charge you any extra for not the membership again.

Using netflix.com/cancelplan Cancel Netflix Subscription Anytime

If you have subscribed to Netflix plan then it can be canceled anytime as per your wish, it may be done via third-party user, iTunes or directly through Netflix.

You can also make use of your Internet Browser to cancel your Netflix Subscription Plan, However if you have subscribed to Netflix via iTunes then you have to cancel it over your iPhone or iPad. Similarly, if you are using your third-party user, then you might be required to pay your subscription for your Smart TV service, for that you may have to contact them for assistance. 

Note: Only by deleting your Netflix Account “Profile Picture” will not cancel your Netflix Subscription.

Learn to Cancel Netflix Subscription Through Internet Browser

Follow the steps given underneath to cancel via internet browser:-

  • On your streaming device open web browser and after that visit https://www.netflix.com/cancelplan
  • On the displayed screen scroll your cursor towards the bottom to select the “Account ” option.
  • Following the user stated step search for Membership and Billing option, then select the “ Cancel Membership ” option and press confirm to cancel.
  • And at the end if still found DVD Subscription then choose “Cancel your DVD Plan” option and press the confirm button.

However, if you didn’t find the above stated options, then subscribing to Netflix through a third-party user might be the reason for this. To get rid of this you need to get aid from your Service provider for Netflix Subscription cancellation. 

Using iTunes Cancel Netflix Subscription Anytime

Using your iPhones or iPad follow underneath steps to cancel Netflix Subscription:-

  • First of all you need to unlock your device (iPhone or iPad), after that go to settings option.
  • Next step is to come downwards to iTunes and Apple Store.
  • After that it will bring to you on the next page, there you need to submit your Apple ID. Now click on the “View Apple ID” option in the pop-up box.
  • Henceforth select the “Subscribers” option to proceed ahead.
  • Following the above stated steps you will see your Netflix Subscriptions as Active, click on it.
  • At the end select Netflix Cancel Subscription option and don’t forget to give confirmation to it.

Learn to Cancel Netflix Free Trial Subscription

Follow underneath steps to cancel Netflix Free Trial Subscription:-

  • To learn cancelation of Netflix free account go to the Internet Browser on your device.
  • After that enter the URL of Netflix in the given space.
  • Now main step is this which asks you to enter Login Credentials to sign in your Netflix Account.
  • Following the above step go to the support page on your Netflix Account, then look for “Your Account and Help”. Tap the Link.
  • Once you have selected the option to cancel your Netflix Membership, you will be headed to the “Account Information” page. You will find the link of  “Cancel Membership” give it a read to proceed.
  • You will get a confirmation email of cancellation of your Netflix Account from Netflix itself, once you have selected the  “Complete Cancellation” option.

Cancel Netflix Free Trial Subscription Through Netflix Administrators

Follow underneath steps to cancel Netflix Free Trial Subscription via Netflix Administrators:-

  • After learning the free cancelation of Netflix account now it’s time to learn cancelation through Netflix Administrators, for that go to an Internet Browser.
  • And in the search tab of internet browser enter Netflix.com.
  • On opening of Netflix Account page insert your login credentials to sign in to your Netflix Account to proceed further.
  • Following the above search for the “Contact Us” option on your Netflix Account, then click on it.
  • And now you will be headed to the Netflix Support team page. You will get contact numbers and other aid information.
  • Get aid from those numbers, by dialing it Netflix customer care executive will reach you out and assist you ahead for the cancellation of your free trial.

Official Link : https://www.netflix.com/cancelplan

So these are the steps which can be used to cancel your Netflix Subscription.

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