ActivateThe Zeus Network on Roku, Apple TV [Updated 2022]

The Zeus Network is not an old network as it got launched in 2018 on 13th July by an American Television Network which is a company of Warner Media Entertainment. Hence this is a subscription based streaming service having around 180 channels like Boomerang, CNN, Cartoon Network, which is available on many streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox,iPhones and Android. To activate the same on all the mentioned devices visit the

Learn to create The Zeus Network Account via

To enjoy the services of the said network first of all you are required to make an account of the same. Without which it wouldn’t be possible to move ahead. So let’s see how actually an account can be created:-

  • To create an account first visit the official web page of the same. To avoid any sort of mistake.
  • Once the page is open look for the Subscribe Now option and following that click on the said option.
  • After clicking on that you will be instructed to Choose the Plan of the network as per your preference.
  • Once you have selected the Plan that is for Yearly or Monthly.
  • Following the above stated steps, now you have to enter the Email Address and along with that.
  • You have to create a new Password for the same account. Make sure to note down that password somewhere to avoid delay in activating on other devices.
  • Hereafter, proceed to click on the Payment section after choosing the best suited plan for you.
  • At the end enter the Card Details to debit the payment from your card towards the Zeus Network Subscription.
  • Now Click on the Start Subscription button.

Learn to Activate The Zeus Network Account via

To Activate The Zeus Network on the different streaming devices which is necessary to play the channels provided by the said network. Let’s go through the process thoroughly:-

  • Plugin the device with the Power Socket and connect the device with the Internet Connection.
  • Go to the Channel Store of the said streaming device to download the App from that by typing the name of app The Zeus Network on the search bar.
  • Hereafter click on the Add Channel or Get option to install the App on your device.
  • Enter the Login credentials to Launch the app by clicking on it. 
  • As a result the above step is completed the Activation Code will appear on the Screen of the device.
  • Now from another web browser visit
  • Enter the Email Address.
  • Click Next.
  • And at the enter the Activation code and then click Activate.

The Zeus Network on Amazon Fire TV

To watch the channels of The Zeus Network on the streaming device like Amazon Fire TV follow the underneath steps as given:

  • Go to the Amazon Store to install the app on your Fire TV.
  • In the search bar type the Zeus Network and click on the Add Channel option.
  • As the app is installed now you have to Launch the same app on the device.
  • To launch the app click on the app. And immediately after clicking on the app icon, you will be asked to enter the Login details. 
  • With that you will get an Activation Code, note down that code or take a snapshot of the same.
  • Now from another device or web browser visit On the said page.
  • First enter the login details that is Email Address and Click Next.
  • Now after that enter the Activation Code and to end the process click on the Activate option.

The Zeus Network on Apple TV

For Apple TV users easy steps are given below to launch the app on their device:

  • Using the Apple TV remote go to the App Store and navigate for the app in the search bar.
  • On the displayed results of the app Choose the App of The Zeus Network. Click on the said app.
  • Then click the Get option.
  • Since the app is not installed on your TV enter the Sign In details.
  • Hereafter you have launched the app, now the Activation Code will display on the TV Screen.
  • Preserve that code for future use.
  • From the laptop or phone visit to go ahead in the activation process.
  • After visiting the web page of the zeus network enter the Email ID and with that Click on the Next.
  • To end with entering the Activation Code and hit on the Activate.

The Zeus Network on Roku TV

Roku TV is the most used streaming device in the United States of America and talking about that to activate the Zeus Network on it is considered to be an important topic so let’s see how it works:

  • First and Foremost work is to Turn on the device and connect it with good internet service to have a smooth activation process.
  • With the help of the remote of the Roku TV navigate the Roku Store, to get the app on the TV.
  • In the Search option given on the top of the displayed screen. Enter the name of the app The Zeus Network.
  • Click on the Add Channel option given beside the search result.
  • Once the App is installed on the Roku TV enter the Login credentials this will complete your Launching procedure.
  • Following the above step, Activation Code will pop up on the TV Screen.
  • Take a Snapshot of the Code and move ahead towards the another web page that it
  • Enter the Login ID to proceed to the other step for that Click on the Next option.
  • To end the activation process of the Zeus Network on the Roku TV enter the activation code and Click on the Activate option.
  • Doing this will activate the same on your streaming device.

The Zeus Network on Android TV

The Zeus Network also works on Android TV devices. Let’s have a quick overview of the same:

  • Starting directly go to the Google Play Store on the Android TV and click on the same.
  • And to activate the app first you have to have the app on your streaming device.
  • For that on the google play store search for the app Zeus Network and to install the app click on the Add Channel option.
  • Consequently the app is now installed on the TV.
  • Hereafter to Launch the app enter the Login details in the given space.
  • On entering the login details an Activation Code will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now from another device visit and press enter to open that web page.
  • On the webpage you will be prompted to enter the Login ID and then click on the Next option.
  • Enter the Activation Code.
  • Click Activate to end the activation process.

The Zeus Network on iPhone

iPhone is a streaming device which means this network can also be enjoyed by people having only iPhone as a source of streaming device. Let’s see the process:

  • Obviously no need to say first you have to unlock your device.
  • Doing that now tap on the App Store icon to download the app.
  • In the search column on the top of the screen. Type the Zeus Network.
  • Click on the Get option.
  • After that either provide an Apple ID password on the displayed page or show your face if prompted.
  • Once the app is installed tap on the app and enter the Sign In details.
  • As a result you can access the programs on the same.

The Zeus Network on Chromecast

This means that you can enjoy the Zeus Network’s programs and shows on a Big Screen, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First of all you have to connect both the devices that are Google Chromecast and your device from the same internet connection.
  • On the Google Homepage look for the option Account.
  • After that select the option Mirror Device.
  • Consequently choose the option Cast Screen/ Audio.
  • At the end select your chromecast device.

The Zeus Network on Xbox

Follow the underneath steps to activate the Zeus Network on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 devices:

  • To stream the Zeus network channel on Xbox one or Xbox 360, install the peacock TV app on your device.
  • Now Launch the app. After that navigate to the setting option of the app, then click on the Activate option.
  • As a result Activation Code will pop out on your device’s screen.
  • With the help of another browser search for
  • And on the displayed page select the Xbox device.
  • To end the process select the TV Provider and enter the Activation code in the given space.
  • Click Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. How can I recover or reset my new Password?

    Go to the official login page of The Zeus Network and on that page enter the login details which is Email Address and click on the Forgot my Password option. Doing this will ask you to enter the new password for your Zeus Network Account.
  2. How to download it on different streaming devices?

    Turn on your streaming device and go to the App Store/ Google Play Store/ Amazon App Store/ Roku Channel Store. On these mentioned applications it can be downloaded on your streaming devices.
  3. How can I change my login Email Address?

    To the above stated step there are two ways:-

    First, In case you are able to login to your account, login with the same, then go to the settings page. There you will get an option to change your email address.

    Second, If you have forgotten your password and are also unable to reset the same. Then in this case contact the customer care to solve the issue.

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