Easy Ways to Activate Real Debrid Device

Real Debrid Device is an unrestricted multi-hoster which mainly allows you to download and see videos using your Internet Data connection. Taking its subscription will allow you to look for more high quality and trustworthy channels or links available on it. Let us understand its activation process via

What are the Plans and Price of Real Debrid Device

The person who wants to use this obviously must know about the plans it offers and at what price. So to know all these details let us see in detail.

  • 15 Days Subscription which will cost you around $3.56 and 150 Fidelity Points.
  • 30 Days or 1 month Subscription which will cost you around $4.74 and 200 Fidelity Points.
  • 90 Days or 3 months Subscription which will cost you around $10.67 and 450 Fidelity Points.
  • 180 Days or 6 months Subscription which will cost you around $18.96 and 800 Fidelity Points.

How to Sign Up with Real Debrid Device

Obviously to enjoy its shows and channels first you need to have an account with Real Debrid Device. For opening a new account go to real-debrid.com/device and follow the registration steps given below to make an account on it.

  • Turn on your device and open the web browser in the search bar enter the website real-debrid.com.
  • On the displayed page click on the Sign Up option and enter the details as prompted.
  • Following the above step will display a message “Your Registration Was Successful”.
  • Now to check whether it has been done successfully or not. Open your mail inbox and check if you got any confirmation mail or not.
  • As a result you have received a confirmation mail. Your account with Real Debrid Device has been created.
  • Now you can use your email id which you have created just now to have a higher plan of it.
  • Hurray! Registration process is done.

How to Get Started Real Debrid on Kodi

To know about how it actually works on Kodi via real-debrid.com/device. Follow the below given steps.

  • As above this post it’s clear how you can create an account with Real Debrid Device.
  • Now you need to launch an Add-On.
  • Here you will choose a Kodi Add-On.
  • Select Tools after launching the Crew Kodi Add-On.
  • Now the list must be prompted and from that list select Resolve URL: Settings.
  • Hereafter choose an Universal Resolvers and go below by scrolling down and there select (Re) Authorize My Account.
  • Consequently you will get a Code on the screen and make sure to use that code within 120 seconds or 2 Minutes after which the code will expire.
  • Now from another device go to the real-debrid.com/device and there enter the code.
  • Click Continue to end it.
  • Doing that means the Real Debrid Application is approved.
  • After this get back to the Crew and look for the Search option.
  • As a result, options like Movies, TV Shows will appear on the screen. Select any option and then click New Search.
  • In the search bar type your preference like movies, or shows etc.
  • Now after selecting you will see many links which will be available for free.
  • Clicking on the link you can watch your favorite shows and movies.

How to Install Real Debrid on Streaming Devices or Apps

By this also you can watch channels or shows of the Real Debrid Devices, go through the below given steps.

  • First of all you will see three horizontal lines on the homepage which is known as Menu select that Menu option.
  • Now search for the Settings option.
  • After this select a Login to Real Debrid option. Doing that an Unique Code will Pop Out on your screen. Make sure to note down that code.
  • Go to the real-debrid.com/device from another device.
  • On that web page enter the Code in the given space and then Click Continue.
  • Hereafter you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.

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