How to Start Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV?

This is especially for TV lovers who prefer watching TV at home being in their own blanket, then for you is the best online movie provider. Whichever movie or series you want to watch you can watch the same on amazon prime which you play on your computer or mobile. 

  1. Download the Amazon Prime Video App.
  2. Open the Prime Video app in your device
  3. Select “Sign in and start watching” and enter your Amazon account info.
  4. Pick “Register on the Amazon site” to get a 5-6 person code.
  5. Sign into your Amazon account and enter your at or primevideo.Com mytv.
  6. Enter code

Devices amicable with Amazon Prime Video

  • Computers Windows and Mac OS (Via Website Streaming).
  • Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick (Amazon devices).
  • Echo Devices with show (Amazon gadgets).
  • Fire Devices (Amazon devices: Fire phone, Kindle Fire I and II).
  • IOS Devices (Apple devices: iPad, iPhone & iPod contact).
  • Android Devices (Google gadgets, smartphones, and capsules).
  • Game Consoles (PlayStation three and 4, Xbox 360 and One and Nintendo Wii and Wii U).
  • TVs & Blu-ray Players (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips, and others).
  • Set-pinnacle Boxes & Streaming Media Players (Apple TV, Tivo, Roku, and Nvidia Shield).

Using register on Prime

  • You need to pick the Prime Video and pass into the “My Programs” based upon the model you’re using.
  • Follow the onscreen steps on primevideo.Com/mytv.
  • Enter your Prime Activation Code.
  • After that you can contact the Amazon prime service crew for assistance in the event you’re going through problems from the confirmation technique.

Steps to watch Prime Video on Smart TV

  • Visit the Prime Video and click on the Sign-in button, despite the fact that You’re already a member
  • Get 6 digit Prime activation code.
  • As quickly as you begin the relationship on some of your tools as an example, Mobile, Notebook or Tablet, you’ll need to check in with your amazon account particulars.
  • Once you join up, the show will automatically display a field to enter the info and then sign in together with your smart device or TV the usage of
  • The container will mechanically show an example code on your point out i.E. HQ2WZ4 in order to routinely trade whilst you begin typing your code that’s displayed on into the clever TV.

Just login into Prime Video and Start watching

  • Switch on your Smart TV.
  • In your own landing page, visit the Amazon Prime TV software.
  • If you do no longer have it, then visit the Play Store or the App Store and get this software.
  • Open the Amazon Prime program.
  • Proceed to the Sign-in Option.
  • At this time, you will get a code to your own Smart TV.
  • Go to using PC.
  • Type within the code.
  • Click the ‘continue’ or ‘enter’ alternative.
  • Shortly you’ve got the notice on your TV.
  • You can now enjoy watching Prime Video on smart TV.

Where to find Amazon MyTv enter code for TV?

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video to your TV.
  • Sign in with your newly created Amazon Prime account.
  • There’ll be a 6 letter activation code onto your personal TV display.
  • Enter the code on the TV display.
  • Go to and enter code.
  • Start Watching Prime Video on your TV.

Enter code on

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video to your clever device.
  • Sign up together with your Amazon Prime money owed credential.
  • You then will discover a 6 digits activation code on your TV show.
  • Note 6 digit activation code.
  • Open your browser after which visit
  • Enter your activation code.
  • After all, you may efficiently enroll and activate Amazon Prime.

Learn to download and install Prime Video on Android

  • Visit
  • Select the “Start your personal 30-day unfastened trial” alternative.
  • When you get to the subsequent web page, then you have to enter your charge info.
  • Log in on your account and choose the subscription program of your selection.
  • Create a fee.
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime Video debts by logging in for your account.
  • You watch your favorite content material.

Steps to purchase a membership plan of Prime Video 

  • It’s a piece of cake to get a membership of Amazon Prime 
    • Go to the Payment section and select one out of given methods of payment i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Yearly plan is more preferable over other two payment methods as it is less costly if compared with other plans.
  • Sign up your Amazon Prime Video account in order to take membership plans, payment for the membership can be done through electronic mode which includes Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and even you can use your Amazon Pay Balance which is available on your amazon account itself.
  • Complete the process of KYC, to add money to your Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Best offer given to new members of prime user is that they can avail a 30 days free trial on Amazon Prime.

Learn to pay monthly for Amazon Prime

Buying monthly is more convenient to people as to get yearly membership a large amount needs to be paid at one time, but if we talk about monthly packages then it is more convenient to buy. Monthly Amazon Prime memberships are available at $12.99(plus taxes) and Prime Membership Video for $8.99(plus taxes). To gather more information about the same it can be found at Amazon Prime Price Change concerning time and demand. So, if you choose for a monthly subscription then you will be charged $12.99 (plus taxes) and for a yearly subscription you will be charged $119.

Learn to pay for Amazon Prime Account

Go to the payment option at the top of the page, select make a payment option. Choose Minimum Payment amount, Statement balance (just your previous amazon statement), the current one or other. Put in your bank card details in the given box, click on pay now option and you are done with the payment.

After making payment you will require a unique verification code for the activation process. Having an authentic Amazon account or Registered phone number allows you to generate the unique code. The activation code can be fetched on their TV Screen as well via Amazon Prime Video App if they have a valid amazon account or a registered phone number. The activation can be completed on the Amazon MYTV Website though unique code.

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