Best 10 Websites to Explore Korean Drama

Korean Drama is something which has gained a lot of popularity since the past few years. What exactly does Korean Drama reflect in their shows which ultimately become the reason for their popularity? So Korean Drama is something which shows thriller, comedy, romance, action basically almost in all their shows and programs.

But now the point raises where to watch all these shows and programs on? Need not to worry about this as In this article you will be knowing about this in 3 Parts which as follows:

  1. Watch it on Websites
  2. Shows with English Subtitles
  3. Watch it on Snap tube

So, let us now get into it to know the authentic websites where Korean Drama can be viewed with English Subtitles. 

Part -1

Enjoy Korean Drama on Below Mentioned Websites

There are many websites which are available on the Internet which you will get while surfing, but getting an authentic website is the main issue. Here are some authentic websites which provide you access to watch and enjoy Korean Drama.

  • Netflix

Netflix is a name which itself spread its value, now almost everyone is known to Netflix globally. Due to its availability in almost all the countries of the world. As you open your Netflix account you may get perplexed due to its ample variety of shows, movies, documentaries and a lot more. 

Similar to that Netflix also reflects some Korean Drama like A Korean Odyssey, Crash Landing on You, Nevertheless, The King, Sweet & Sour, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, The Call, Strong Girl Bong Soon, Twenty Five Twenty One, Legend of the Blue Sea, Business Proposal and one of the most trending which is a must watch show All of Us are Dead.

So now the question arises how to watch these shows on Netflix so for that you need to take a Subscription of the Netflix. Depending upon which Package you take for yourself as per your choice. $10/month is the minimal cost of the Netflix Subscription which you need to do to enjoy Korean Drama on it.

  • HULU

Hulu is considered to be another website to watch Korean Drama and get yourself entertained by it. It is available at $5.99/ month and it offers one free trial as well. In that particular free trial you can enjoy watching some content of Korean Dramas. 

On Hulu platform people do enjoy Korean Dramas which are Boys Before Flowers, Oh My Venus, Descendants of the Sun, While You Were Sleeping, Chief Kim, Just Between Lovers, The Legend of the Blue Sea etc.

  • Kocowa

In the list of best platforms to watch Korean Drama, Kocowa is considered to be on the top third list out of the ten best platforms. Which is quite impressive. To stream this also you need to take a subscription of the same, but it offers free hours within 6 hours of the broadcast. 

Some of the Korean Dramas which are available on the Kocowa are The Penthouse 2 & The Penthouse 3, One the Woman, Taxi Driver, Honorable Mention Dali and Cocky Prince, Young Lady and Gentleman, Homemade Love Story, Revolutionary Sisters, No Matter What.

But unfortunately it is only available in North America and South America with a package of $0.99/day, $6.99/month, $69.99 yearly.

  • Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is the best available website or platform to enjoy Korean Dramas. This is streaming in almost all the countries of the globe. This not only gives you permission to explore Korean Drama but also it gives you access to Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Thailand Drama.

Some of the Korean Dramas which are available on Rakuten Viki are Healer, W, My Love from the Star, I Miss You, Jewel in the Palace, I Hear Your Voice, She was Pretty, Suspicious Partner etc. 

 Rakuten Viki offers the best option to its subscribers of enjoying HD quality dramas and also An Ad Free dramas. So talking about its subscription, it is available at $4.99/ month and $49.99 yearly. 

  • Asian Crush

This is something which is available with English Subtitles at the bottom of the streaming device while playing the Dramas. 

The best part of this platform, which will definitely make it the best for users like us, is that it is a Free Streaming Service. Which means it doesn’t require any paid subscription to enjoy Korean Dramas. Also you can download the shows to watch it with no internet connection also.

Love Security, Love in Memory, Hot & Sweet, My Unfortunate Boyfriend, Risky Romance, Birdie Buddy, Oh My Ghost, Different Houses, Crow Building etc are some of the Korean Dramas which are available on the Asian Crush for free.

  • Dramago

Dramago is another website or platform which is available at free of cost. Which means you can enjoy the shows and dramas without taking any subscription. Moreover there are Five to Seven servers to stream Korean Dramas.

  • KBS World TV

It is basically available in South Korea. On normal TV Programs it displays a wide range of Korean Dramas on its channel. It is available 24 hours on its channel to enjoy Korean Dramas.

These are some shows which are available on KBS World TV. Descendants of the Sun, Goosebumps, The King’s Affection, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Zombie Detective, Youth of May, Dream High etc. 

  • New Asian TV

    This platform or website displays HD Quality Korean, Japanese and Asian Dramas. On this platform users enjoy the Shows and programs. 

Shows and Dramas which are available on New Asian TV are Running Man, Crash Landing on You, The Tale of Nokdu, The king: Eternal Monarch etc. So these shows can be enjoyed freely but the only drawback is that New Asian TV is not available on all the Countries of the globe.

  • Toggle

    To enjoy shows and programs available on Toggle first you need to take a subscription which is available at $9.90/ month

To enjoy shows and dramas available on Toggle you can either watch the same on Websites or App. Which is available on Google Play Store or App Store. This can also be connected via Chromecast. Furthermore it offers Free and Premium content on Toggle Prime.

  • iFlix

    iFlix offers free content as well but that is not available ad free and only limited shows can be accessed. And if someone wants to have Ad Free and Unlimited shows then users do need to take a Subscription which is available at a cost of $2.5/ month.

    Moreover it is available in majority countries like Kenya, Jordan, Malaysia etc. Shows which it offers are When The Weather Is Fine, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim., At Eighteen, Winter Sonata, Revolutionary Love, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, The Bride of Haebak, Beauty Inside.


Korean Dramas Available with English Subtitles

Below mentioned shows or dramas are those which are available with the English Subtitles.

  • Temperature of Love
  • Revolution
  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
  • Witch at Court
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Part – 3

Korean Dramas on Snaptube

Snap tube is an Android Application which is not available on Google Play Store. This application is available to enjoy and spend leisure time by watching Korean Dramas. This allows you to stream all the shows of Korean Dramas under one roof. You can search the shows and programs on it. To download it on your Android Device follow the following steps:

  • Enable App installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Download the Snap tube APK.

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