Activate to Enjoy YouTube On Your Apple TV and Roku

Ever Imagined! How wonderful to operate YouTube platform is, whether you want to watch the movie, news, latest movie trailers, series, shows, listen to music, informative videos, educational videos, in shorts YouTube library is a never ending process which can provide you content of your choice. Earlier  YouTube viewing was restricted to smartphones, laptops and … Read more

Activate CBS Sports on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV

Basically it is a Sports app which is available on many streaming devices. Below the entire process has been explained that is from downloading the app till activating it on your streaming device. The moment you activate the on your device you will get access to almost all sports which includes Basketball, Football, Baseball and … Read more

Unique Ways to Cancel Netflix Account :

Who doesn’t love Netflix as it is a great time pass for anyone who wishes to spend some leisure time entertaining themselves, However at times you may require to cancel your Netflix Account. So here is an authentic way to cancel Netflix Subscription any time using your own device like laptop, desktop, smartphone via Netflix … Read more

Activate Travel Channel Go on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV

You will be amazed to know that this is the only channel in the United States which is committed to showing real life experiences of human beings traveling to different parts of the world. Basically it is a satellite TV Channel which is inclined towards displaying travel adventures, discoveries in different parts of the world. … Read more

Activate Walmart MoneyCard

Recently Walmart launched a new card with the name The Walmart MoneyCard, and many of you, just like others, must be thinking what this new card is all about. Thinking whether it is a normal gift card or Walmart turning into a bank? Now to operate it, go to the official website,, and there … Read more

Watch Urbanflix On Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV [Updated 2022]

Urbanflix is a streaming device that provides us with a bundle of shows, series and movies to entertain ourselves. Through this device you can pass your leisure time easily with full on excitement. Now to access the Urbanflix TV on a streaming device, visit, after visiting the website put the activation code in the … Read more